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Something Beautiful...

Look at the pretty colours...

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1 June 1986
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As of February 10, 2007, all of my future icons will be posted at citadel_icons. All past icons will still be found here. Thank you.

Songstress is a girl. Songstress likes to make icons. You can find her icons here. Songstress likes French a lot and sometimes makes French icons. If you would like to leave her a comment in French, she would be happy to understand it.

Songstress est une fille. Songstress aime faire des icônes. Vous pouvez trouver ses icônes ici. Songstress aime beaucoup le français et parfois, elle fait des icones en français. Si vous voudriez lui donner des commentaires dans le français, elle serait heureuse de les comprendre.

This is where I keep all the icons and other graphics I make and you can find them by scrolling down the journal page, looking at the memories, the tags or going here

Icons are available for everyone and anyone to use. You may take them, hoard them, use them, edit them, modify them, steal them, eat them for breakfast, whatever you want. You can credit me or not credit me, I'm not terribly picky about things like that. PLEASE don't hotlink. If you want to use the icons, save them and upload them to your own server. Otherwise, you'll get a nasty 'out of bandwith' icon when I run out of space.

Requests are welcome and will be taken into consideration. If I find it interesting, I'll probably do it. No guarantees, but you can ask.

If you want to nominate one of my icons for something, go for it. Just let me know in a comment on one of the posts.

Feel free to friend me.

Have fun!

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